Packing for College


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Preparing for college is an exciting time, but packing can be a real challenge. The NUI Galway International Student Pre-Arrival Guide (p. 11) contains a useful list of items to pack but overall, the most important thing to remember is to pack light.

Make a list of things you will actually need to see you through the first few weeks in Galway and discard everything else. Most students end up packing way more than they actually need, which can end up costing them money – due to ever decreasing airline baggage allowances – and result in them needlessly lugging heavy suitcases through airports, train and bus stations on the way to and from Galway.

While it’s tempting to pack as many of your belongings as possible, it can often work out cheaper and more convenient to purchase items such as additional clothing and certain electronic devices after you arrive in Ireland.

Here’s a list of recommended items:

☐ light raincoat with a warm lining
☐ ski jacket (for colder weather)
☐ light weight jacket or windbreaker (for warmer weather)
☐ comfortable walking shoes or sneakers – Galway is a compact city and students tend to walk most places rather than take a bus or drive
☐ hiking boots (if you plan to hike in the Irish countryside)
☐ pajamas
☐ jeans
☐ shorts (one or two pairs) for warmer weather
☐ hat, scarf and gloves
☐ bathing suit
☐ underwear and socks (at least two weeks’ worth)
☐ gymwear (sweats)
☐ musical instrument or specialist sports equipment (if applicable :-))

An umbrella and an electric blanket are of course highly recommended, and both can be purchased in Galway after you arrive. Sheets and towels can also be bought in Galway.

Check out Penneys or Argos for best value homewares and electrical appliances. The Map for International Students shows the location of the main stores where you can get these various items you don’t have space to pack.

For further information on packing electrical appliances, please refer to the  NUI Galway International Student Pre-Arrival Guide (p. 11). The voltage in Ireland is 240 volts, which may differ to your home country. If you do take your own appliances, remember to take an adaptor with you or purchase one when you arrive in Ireland.

Finally, don’t forget to bring your travel documents and your NUI Galway admission letter in your hand luggage, as you will need these when you pass through immigration control.

What do you think? Have you any tips on packing for college to share with us? Please leave a comment.



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  4. Val Esparza

    i always use electric blanket during the winter times to get more comfy at home.’

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