5 Top Tips for applying to NUI Galway as an international student

1. Do your research

Applying to a university in another country requires a great deal of preparation and research as not only do you have to find the right programme for you, you also need to ensure that the location of the college suits your individual needs.

The obvious first place to research programmes at NUI Galway is the university’s website. You could also look further in to programmes by making contact with a current student or a professor who teaches on the programme.

When you start compiling lists of colleges to apply to, be sure to also look into non-academic matters like the size of the city, the makeup of the student body, sports clubs, students societies, housing, the night life etc. These other aspects of college life might have just as much an influence on your overall college experience than what you learn inside the classroom.

Federal Aid (US Citizens)

NUI Galway

2. Follow the correct application process for your programme

The Application process for applying to NUI Galway varies depending on the programme you’re applying to and where you’re applying from.

  • Undergraduate applications from outside the European Union (EU) are made directly to the International Affairs Office. The one exception is the Medical programme, which is administered by the main Admissions Office at NUI Galway.
  • Undergraduate applications from other EU countries are made online at www.cao.ie
  • Postgraduate applications from EU and non-EU countries are made online at www.pac.ie
  • Visiting Students (both Non-EU Study Abroad and ERASMUS) are made directly to the International Affairs Office

Refer to the University website for further details.

3. Apply on time

Application deadlines can also vary depending on what programme you’re applying to. Make sure you check when the relevant closing dates are that your application is received in good time.

4. Submit a complete application

Again, this sounds rather obviuos, but students sometimes forget to include certain supporting documents which can lead to delays in processing their application. If certain information is not available when you’re submitting your application, be sure to indicate this to the University and include dates of when outstanding information will be supplied.

Also, when submitting further documents to the University, ensure you include a cover note indicating your name, application number (if applicable) and the name of the programme you’re applying to so that the admissions staff can quickly identify your documents.

5. Keep in contact with the University

Finally, the University may need to correspond with you after you’ve made your application. Remember to check your email or your online application account (where applicable) regularly in case there is an important message from the University regarding your application.

If you have any questions regarding the application process for your chosen programme or for students from your country, please contact the International Affairs Office at NUI Galway for more information.


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