Meet our US Student Ambassadors

Siobhan Allaeddini from California and Siobhan Keenan from New Jersey, USA have been selected as Student Ambassadors for National University of Ireland, Galway.

Siobhan Allaeddini

L-R: Secretary General – Seán O Foghlú, Siobhan Allaeddini from California representing National University Galway, Gill Roe – Manager Education in Ireland.

A new initiative by Education in Ireland, the Student Ambassador Programme is aimed at raising awareness of the quality of Irish degree and Study Abroad programmes, while also assisting and encouraging interested students as they embark on their applications.

Ireland is a popular destination for American students – the ninth most popular destination in the world, which is not bad for a country the size of South Carolina!

Siobhan Keenan

L-R: Secretary General – Seán O Foghlú, Siobhan Keenan from New Jersey representing National University of Ireland Galway, Gill Roe – Manager Education in Ireland.

The current batch of Student Ambassadors come from 16 States in the US and represent all seven Irish universities. Throughout the academic year, the Student Ambassadors share their experience and insights of life as a student in Ireland through blogs, articles and video posts – connecting prospective American students and their families with those already studying in Ireland. When these students return home they will from time to time work with Education in Ireland and the Irish universities at promotional events in their area.

Education in Ireland is a government initiative aimed at promoting Irish higher education and English language schools overseas. To check out the blog and learn more about Education in Ireland’s outreach to US high schools and universities, please visit or Education in Ireland USA on Facebook.

We’re looking to recruit more international students ambassadors, from countries all over the world, so if you are a current international student at NUI Galway and would like to find out more about the ambassador programme, please email


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