More Campus Curiosities…

Following on from our post last month about some of the lesser known buildings and features dotted around the NUI Galway campus, a few more hidden gems were brought to our attention…

St Anthony’s Chapel

Friar's Chapel, Lecture Theatre

St Anthony’s Chapel, Lecture Theatre

The St Anthony’s building, which now forms part of the J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics, was purchased by NUI Galway in 1991. The building was previously owned by the Franciscan Order and includes a chapel which was renovated into a modern lecture theatre.




Next to the Bialann student restaurant is the remains of an 18th century Dovecote, or pigeon house, which was once part of the old Belmont estate.

University Art Gallery, Quadrangle

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

The University Art Gallery is located in the Quadrangle Building and hosts a variety of exhibitions throughout the year.

National Computer and Communications Museum



The National Computer and Communications Museum is located in the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI). The museum provides a fascinating insight into the development of communications from ancient hieroglyphics to today’s Internet, including the iconic 1984 Macintosh.

George Johnstone Stoney Plaque

George Johnstone Stoney

George Johnstone Stoney

In the Arts/Science building, next to the Joseph Larmor lecture theatre, is a plaque commemorating George Johnstone Stoney (1826-1911), an educationalist and a physicist who originated the term ‘electron’ who was Professor of Physics at Galway from 1852 to 1857.


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