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Study at NUI Galway

The Accommodation (Housing) system at Irish universities may be quite different to your home country.

Students coming to study at NUI Galway have two main options available to choose from – you can stay in an official NUI Galway Student Residence or rent a room (single or shared) in a private house or apartment.

The first option, staying at a Student Residence, is the most popular option for undergraduate students, especially those coming to Galway for the first time.

The NUI Galway student residences are mostly located off campus. While you might find this a little unusual, if you’re used to a residential college system in your home country, it’s worth bearing in mind that Galway is a relatively small, compact city, which means most of the residences are located within a 10-20 walk from the campus.

Residences vary by size, with smaller residences such as Donegan Court (54 students)…

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We received a question via twitter (@studyingalway) about what to pack for Galway, so we’ve reblogged this post on the best tips and advice.

Study at NUI Galway


image by aka_lusi

Preparing for college is an exciting time, but packing can be a real challenge. The NUI Galway International Student Pre-Arrival Guide (p. 11) contains a useful list of items to pack but overall, the most important thing to remember is to pack light.

Make a list of things you will actually need to see you through the first few weeks in Galway and discard everything else. Most students end up packing way more than they actually need, which can end up costing them money – due to ever decreasing airline baggage allowances – and result in them needlessly lugging heavy suitcases through airports, train and bus stations on the way to and from Galway.

While it’s tempting to pack as many of your belongings as possible, it can often work out cheaper and more convenient to purchase items such as additional clothing and certain electronic devices after…

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Service Learning for Visiting Students

Literacy and Learning in the Community is a new service learning class for Visiting Students from the United States at National University of Ireland, Galway.

Service Learning at NUI Galway

Service Learning at NUI Galway

This semester long class is worth 5 ECTS credits (approximately 2-3 US credits) and is delivered via a series of academic lectures, reflective seminars and over 20 hours of service at an after school homework club at a local elementary.

NUI Galway has long been recognised as the leading university in Ireland in  the area of student volunteering and service learning. While visiting students have always had the option to take part in the universities volunteering programmes, Literacy and Learning in the Community is a unique opportunity to earn credits through service learning.

Literacy and Learning in the Community Class (2012)

Literacy and Learning in the Community Class (2012)

Learning Outcomes

Students gain an improved understanding of important theories and perspectives relating to literacy acquisition and how Irish society responds to the challenges associated with this important educational and social issue.

Homework Club

Homework Club

Students will also benefit from experiential learning of how local homework clubs in the Galway area provide support and structure for children to develop their learning and literacy skills; additionally, they will develop an appreciation of the relationship between the university and these voluntary organisations in respect of the concepts of civic engagement and service learning.

Additionally, students will develop an ability to reflect on the academic content of the course and relate it to their personal experience in community homework clubs.


Students are required to complete an essay in examination conditions at the end of the course, which counts for 30% of the overall grade awarded. In addition, students are required to submit a detailed portfolio of reflective learning, which counts for 50% of the overall grade.

Students are given regular journal assignments which are informed by their reading of specific academic texts relating to the subject of service learning and literacy acquisition as well as by their first-hand experiences at their service placements.

The remaining 20% of marks is based on attendance and participation in both the formal classes which take place each week of the semester and at the students’ chosen homework clubs.

For more information, please contact the International Affairs Office at NUI Galway.

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Exploring the Indigenous Arts… a new class about Irish music, song and dance for US visiting students

NUI Galway has introduced a new class about indigenous Irish music, song and dance for visiting students from the United States.

Johnny ConnollyExploring the Indigenous Arts is a 5 ECTS class (approximately 2-3 US credits) that offers students studying abroad at NUI Galway a practice-based opportunity to learn about indigenous Irish music, song and dance, set in the unique landscape of Connemara.

Sail boatsThe semester long module seeks to analyse Irish identity and history – and its current position within a global context – and to examine the impact that Irish culture has had on the development of music, song and dance globally.

As part of a unique teaching collaboration between NUI Galway and TG4 (the Irish language television network), students also have the opportunity to study rare documentary, film, news footage and other recorded events relating to the indigenous arts in Ireland.

Exploring the Indigenous Arts is delivered via a two hour class each week at the main NUI Galway campus and two field trips to the Irish-speaking Connemara region west of Galway, where students take part in master workshops led by leading artists from the west of Ireland.

Students also attend a series of lunchtime concerts on the main campus as part of the University’s Arts in Action programme.

Exploring the Indigenous Arts is assessed exclusively by scholarly weekly writings presented in a journal format at the end of term.

Find out more about Study Abroad at NUI Galway or contact the International Affairs Office at NUI Galway for more information about this exciting new class.

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Random (County) Galway photos

This week, we’re looking slightly further afield to find some more places worth visiting while studying in Galway…

Diamond Hill, Connemara National Park, Co. Galway

Diamond Hill Jumping

Clifden, Co. Galway

Kylemore Abbey, Co. Galway
Kylemore Abbey

Gorteen and Dog’s Bay, Co. Galway
Gorteen and Dog's Bay

Monastery and Round Tower, Kilmacduagh, Co. Galway
253 Kilmacduagh

If you’ve enjoyed this post, be sure to check out our other random Galway photos: part 1 and part 2.

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