Exploring the Indigenous Arts… a new class about Irish music, song and dance for US visiting students

NUI Galway has introduced a new class about indigenous Irish music, song and dance for visiting students from the United States.

Johnny ConnollyExploring the Indigenous Arts is a 5 ECTS class (approximately 2-3 US credits) that offers students studying abroad at NUI Galway a practice-based opportunity to learn about indigenous Irish music, song and dance, set in the unique landscape of Connemara.

Sail boatsThe semester long module seeks to analyse Irish identity and history – and its current position within a global context – and to examine the impact that Irish culture has had on the development of music, song and dance globally.

As part of a unique teaching collaboration between NUI Galway and TG4 (the Irish language television network), students also have the opportunity to study rare documentary, film, news footage and other recorded events relating to the indigenous arts in Ireland.

Exploring the Indigenous Arts is delivered via a two hour class each week at the main NUI Galway campus and two field trips to the Irish-speaking Connemara region west of Galway, where students take part in master workshops led by leading artists from the west of Ireland.

Students also attend a series of lunchtime concerts on the main campus as part of the University’s Arts in Action programme.

Exploring the Indigenous Arts is assessed exclusively by scholarly weekly writings presented in a journal format at the end of term.

Find out more about Study Abroad at NUI Galway or contact the International Affairs Office at NUI Galway for more information about this exciting new class.


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