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NUI Galway hosts Coimbra Group Annual Conference, 2013

Coimbra Group

NUI Galway has been a member of the Coimbra Group – a network of 40 long-established, multidisciplinary European universities of the highest international standard – for almost 30 years.

The group also includes such historically significant universities as the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, the University of Edinburgh, Bologna and Salamanca.

The Coimbra Group is committed to creating special academic and cultural ties in order to promote internationalisation, collaboration, excellence in learning and research and service to society.

Annual Conference, NUI Galway May 22-24

Each year the rectors and presidents, along with other delegates from the Coimbra Group member universities, meet at the Annual Conference and General Assembly.   To coincide with the Irish Presidency of the European Union, the 2013 conference will be held in NUI Galway from May 22 – 24, and will address the theme of Creativity, Research and Innovation in Universities.


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Photo Tour of NUI Galway Part 2

James Hardiman Library

James Hardiman Library

James Hardiman Library

The James Hardiman Library houses over 450,000 printed books, 350,000 e-books and more than 30,000 full text electronic journals. It is also home to the University’s impressive literary and theatrical archive.

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Building

Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Building

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Building

The recently completed Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Building is located at the heart of the campus and provides next-generation graduate, postgraduate and faculty library space dedicated to academic research.

Arts Millennium Building

Arts Millennium Building, NUI Galway

Arts Millennium Building, NUI Galway

The Arts Millennium Building has recently been extended to house the School of Psychology.

Arts/Science Concourse

Arts/Science Concourse

Arts/Science Concourse

The Arts/Science building houses the university’s main lecture theatres and classrooms as well as the Science laboratories.

Orbsen Building

Orbsen Building, NUIG

Orbsen Building, NUI Galway

The Orbsen Building hosts two of the University’s largest research institutions; the National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science (NCBES) and the  Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI).

IT Building

IT Building, NUI Galway

IT Building, NUI Galway

The IT Building was completed in 2001. € 11.5m was spent on this dedicated 4100 m2 building on the banks of the River Corrib, providing state-of-the-art facilities for IT teaching and research.

Aras na Gaeilge

Áras na Gaelige

Áras na Gaelige

Galway is close to the Connemara Gaeltacht, one of several Irish-speaking regions in Ireland.  The University’s Irish language institute, Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge works with other schools and departments to provide a number of courses through the Irish language.

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Our Favorite videos featuring Galway (part 8)

First up, dancing through the streets of Galway with SwingJamIreland!

An old cine-film reel of Galway fr0m 1965. What’s interesting is how many of the same businesses are still here today, including Griffins Bakery, Taaffes Pub, Powells Music Shop (the “Four Corners”) and Dillons.

Notre Dame Professor Ian Kuijt  reveals the significance of the archaeological heritage of the remote island of Inishark, County Galway.

Join the The NUI Galway Sub-Aqua club, as they explore a coral beach in Galway

And finally, a wonderful scenic video of Galway

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