Purchasing a Mobile (Cell) Phone in Ireland

There are 6 main mobile phone service providers in Ireland.  The relevant websites are listed below. Please refer to the websites for information on special offers, price plans and free web text service.


These service providers offer the option of “pay as you go” phones or an account option (i.e. contract with monthly bill).

The “pay as you go” option is ideal for international students, as there are no contracts and you can top up with credit as and when required.  Credit can be purchased online, at ATM machines, in shops or in dispensing machines.

There are several shops in Galway which sell mobile phones including The Carphone Warehouse (branches in the Galway Shopping Centre, Headford Rd and the Eyre Square Shopping Centre), the Vodafone Store, Eyre Square, 3Store, Shop St, O2 Store, Shop St., Meteor Shop, William St. It is a good idea to shop around to find the best deal available.

It’s still advisable take your existing mobile phone with you, in case you need access to your contacts etc., or for your first couple of days in Ireland, but please be aware that international roaming fees are very expensive.

It may also be possible to purchase an Irish SIM card to use in your existing phone, however this may depend on the model of your phone and the type of network used in your home country (e.g. GSM or CDMA).


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