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How to Blend In When Studying Abroad in Ireland – Tip No. 6, Crossing the Road

Irish law requires pedestrians to exercise care when crossing the road, however the specific offense known as Jaywalking in countries including the US, Canada, China and Australia is not strictly enforced. While pedestrian crossings are common in Irish towns and cities, don’t be surprised to see people skip past you while you wait for the green light, or indeed if you see people simply crossing the road wherever they like. On the subject of crossing the road, remember too to look right for approaching traffic, as we drive on the left :0)


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Study Abroad Jargon Buster

Study at NUI Galway

  • Accommodation

Student Accommodation means Student Housing. The Student Accommodation Office oversees the Student Residences and provides advice and information on all matters relating to housing.

  • Colloquium

Colloquium modules are small group teaching modules. These modules have a limited number of students. Colloquia require reading, presentation, oral participation and regular attendance.

  • Course/Programme

Full time, degree-seeking, students study a specific Course or Programme  from their first year at university in Ireland. The two terms are generally used interchangeably. This is different to universities in the US and other countries that follow the US model, where all students are required to study a general education programme before declaring a major.  A Course or Programme comprises individual modules. The University sets out specific rules that determine which modules you need to successfully complete each year to graduate with the appropriate degree title (e.g. B.Sc. (Physics), B.Comm., B.A. (History), etc).

  • Continuous Assessment

Continuous Assessment refers…

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