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Student Life During Exams

Ronald Saraswat is an international student from India earning his MSc in Neuropharmacology. Take a glimpse into his exam preparations below!


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A Day in the Life – Michelle Lau Chai Hong

Michelle Lau Chai Hong  is an international student from Malaysia earning her MSc Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety.

“ Ring……” It is my alarm ringing to tell me it is a new day!

As usual, I quickly wash and get myself ready to go to the university. The university is just 20 minutes by foot from the place I live and there is a “park and ride” bus that can cut my journey to half the time.


My class starts at 9 am and on the way to the class, it is normally the time to grab a coffee or get some food. I meet my course mates and we have a good chat before the class starts. The lecture starts at 9am sharp, followed by a 10 minute break after an hour lecture. The break makes me feel better after an hour of study, because I get some fresh air and make my mind clear to get ready for the next hour class.

The class finishes at 1pm. It is then lunch time and the canteen is not far away from the lecture hall. A few of us go canteen together and enjoy our lunch.


After lunch, we have our lab. It is about the thermal comfort in the workplace and we measure the temperature, humidity and the air flow in the laboratory. Before measurements start, we were shown the procedures to calibrate the equipment as well as the technique to collect data. It is fun, as it makes me recall my days in the laboratory during my time in secondary school.

The lab finishes at 4pm, which indicates the end of my lecture hours on the day. After spending some time in the library, I head home for dinner.

I cook dinner with my housemates and we have a wonderful evening. Before I go to bed, I manage to do some revision on the lecture and prepare for the next day’s lectures.

Student life is busy, but I feel contented with the knowledge I’ve gained!

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Why Study at NUI Galway?

Daniel McFadden is an international student from America studying Computer Science & Information Technology.

Freshers Week, Petting zoo, Thanksgiving day, Poster sales, Mental Health week, and SHAG week, are some of the few events held throughout the year at NUI Galway that students can take part in. Both the university and the Students Union here are phenomenal at getting people together to make activities fun and engaging for everybody. In addition to campus activities, there is almost always a festival on every month around town or just a short bus ride away. Galway is considered the cultural heart of Ireland and thus there is always something that is new and exciting, whether that is a march/protest, or the International Oyster Festival, or the St. Paddy’s day parade, this is a town you cannot be bored in.

As an international student at NUI Galway is one of the best experiences I have embarked on. I consistently find myself torn between a RyanAir flight to mainland or taking a boat to the Aran Islands for a day. However, when I do stay in for a weekend on campus my friends and I usually spend the nights together out in town or eating Chinese takeaway gossiping until the wee hours of the morning. Just this past weekend I had a kilo of ham and baked dinner for one of my friends and I, together we ate dinner and watched a movie then headed out for Shamrock Shakes at McDonalds. Following that day I hosted a large breakfast with American style pancakes and some of my Corrib Village friends brought over the ingredients and we had our breakfast together.

Besides my experience as an NUIG student in terms of social life, the college atmosphere is equally as important and strong. While NUIG is a big school with 17,000 students it can feel small at times. In nearly all hallways you will always see someone you know or a friend of a friend. Even when I am in the Bialann (a cafeteria under the Arts Concourse) I always see someone I know through societies or Corrib Village, that I can chat with. In the realm of academics, each of my professors know me well as we are a smaller course (Computer Science) of about 50 people. NUI Galway’s small town feel but big city offers make it attractive place to live and study in.

Being an international student has allowed me to learn about other cultures, and in the process my own, and connect with people from all over. Opportunities and surprise come around every corner in Galway, making it a place your heart will fall for every new day.GalwayBay.jpg

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A Day in the Life – Nur Syazana

Nur Syazana Idris is an international student from Malaysia studying Medicine.

What I love most about the lecture timetable at NUI Galway is that it is very relaxing whereby sometimes classes start at 9am, sometimes at 10am and usually ends by 12pm. On days where there are Anatomy and Physiology Labs, the lab sessions resume at 2pm. On days where there are no lab, classes would end latest by 1pm and you may spend the rest of your evening studying in the library or going to the gym. This relaxing schedule rewards students with sufficient rest in between and allows us to be more productive in studying.

The most hectic day for myself is Tuesday because lectures usually end by 12pm, then I would have Anatomy lab from 2 – 5pm. Then, I would go for Karate from 6pm – 8.30pm. Lunch is not a problem at all in case I forgot to pack my lunch because there are a lot of cafés in campus that sells food at a reasonable price. There is also a canteen on campus which sells a variety of food and there are also a lot of seats whereby you can enjoy your packed lunch with your friends. It’s really cheap as well! A plate of fries would only cost you 1.50€. Besides, there are plenty of restaurants near campus which are within walking distance.

Despite the hectic schedule on Tuesdays, I really look forward to the Anatomy lab because I get to apply what I studied theoretically and therefore understand Anatomy better. During the 1st year of second semester, the Anatomy department and a few Anatomy and Medicine students organized an Anatomy Memorial Day which made us further appreciate the gift of knowledge that the donors have given us. Ever since then, I tend to fully utilize the dissection practical to study from the cadavers and realize the responsibility that I have as a student.  Hence, being in the anatomy lab is never close to boredom!

Karate is the first martial arts that I have ever indulged in and I am really glad I did because I made a lot of new friends and I also learned some really cool moves that might help myself in the future. Karate is also one of the ways I take a break from studying twice a week and it is definitely stress relieving because I get to release my anger/stress especially when we kick pads.

Pic 1.jpg

Pic 2.jpg

Although Tuesday is my favorite yet hectic day, every day for the rest of the week is not that bad at all because the “Galway vibe” is very calming and positive as the traffic is not that bad and there are also lots of picturesque landscape that you will be amazed with when you walk around Galway.

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