A Day in the Life – Nur Syazana

Nur Syazana Idris is an international student from Malaysia studying Medicine.

What I love most about the lecture timetable at NUI Galway is that it is very relaxing whereby sometimes classes start at 9am, sometimes at 10am and usually ends by 12pm. On days where there are Anatomy and Physiology Labs, the lab sessions resume at 2pm. On days where there are no lab, classes would end latest by 1pm and you may spend the rest of your evening studying in the library or going to the gym. This relaxing schedule rewards students with sufficient rest in between and allows us to be more productive in studying.

The most hectic day for myself is Tuesday because lectures usually end by 12pm, then I would have Anatomy lab from 2 – 5pm. Then, I would go for Karate from 6pm – 8.30pm. Lunch is not a problem at all in case I forgot to pack my lunch because there are a lot of cafés in campus that sells food at a reasonable price. There is also a canteen on campus which sells a variety of food and there are also a lot of seats whereby you can enjoy your packed lunch with your friends. It’s really cheap as well! A plate of fries would only cost you 1.50€. Besides, there are plenty of restaurants near campus which are within walking distance.

Despite the hectic schedule on Tuesdays, I really look forward to the Anatomy lab because I get to apply what I studied theoretically and therefore understand Anatomy better. During the 1st year of second semester, the Anatomy department and a few Anatomy and Medicine students organized an Anatomy Memorial Day which made us further appreciate the gift of knowledge that the donors have given us. Ever since then, I tend to fully utilize the dissection practical to study from the cadavers and realize the responsibility that I have as a student.  Hence, being in the anatomy lab is never close to boredom!

Karate is the first martial arts that I have ever indulged in and I am really glad I did because I made a lot of new friends and I also learned some really cool moves that might help myself in the future. Karate is also one of the ways I take a break from studying twice a week and it is definitely stress relieving because I get to release my anger/stress especially when we kick pads.

Pic 1.jpg

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Although Tuesday is my favorite yet hectic day, every day for the rest of the week is not that bad at all because the “Galway vibe” is very calming and positive as the traffic is not that bad and there are also lots of picturesque landscape that you will be amazed with when you walk around Galway.


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