A Day in the Life – Michelle Lau Chai Hong

Michelle Lau Chai Hong  is an international student from Malaysia earning her MSc Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety.

“ Ring……” It is my alarm ringing to tell me it is a new day!

As usual, I quickly wash and get myself ready to go to the university. The university is just 20 minutes by foot from the place I live and there is a “park and ride” bus that can cut my journey to half the time.


My class starts at 9 am and on the way to the class, it is normally the time to grab a coffee or get some food. I meet my course mates and we have a good chat before the class starts. The lecture starts at 9am sharp, followed by a 10 minute break after an hour lecture. The break makes me feel better after an hour of study, because I get some fresh air and make my mind clear to get ready for the next hour class.

The class finishes at 1pm. It is then lunch time and the canteen is not far away from the lecture hall. A few of us go canteen together and enjoy our lunch.


After lunch, we have our lab. It is about the thermal comfort in the workplace and we measure the temperature, humidity and the air flow in the laboratory. Before measurements start, we were shown the procedures to calibrate the equipment as well as the technique to collect data. It is fun, as it makes me recall my days in the laboratory during my time in secondary school.

The lab finishes at 4pm, which indicates the end of my lecture hours on the day. After spending some time in the library, I head home for dinner.

I cook dinner with my housemates and we have a wonderful evening. Before I go to bed, I manage to do some revision on the lecture and prepare for the next day’s lectures.

Student life is busy, but I feel contented with the knowledge I’ve gained!


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